goal and system of the encyclopedia

I was motivated to start drawing crayon pictures of the saints of the Coptic Church is the scarcity of its presence in comparison to the availability of photo stories of the Bible, drawing, but since I started this work and found a lot of loved ones who have asked me through the comments, messages, and personally, to draw pictures of Bible coloring, and I apologize for this repeat demand to focus on a specific objective which is to provide a non-existent prior to add to the already existing ..

But I noticed that the coloring pictures available on the Internet to download a small size, dimensions, causing Mtha stretch and lack of clarity when printed on photographic paper size A4.

And the images of the Bible House crayon (high resolution) are available only in printed books, did not put the house on the internet free to use. It is known that withdrawal scanner Scanner by any person to be placed on the Internet is an illegal action and non-Christian because it is a waste of intellectual property rights and copyright.

So I started the day in drawing crayon pictures of the Bible are free and available source for all Christians in the world, not just people of the Coptic Orthodox Church.

Allowed the transfer and imaging and printing all of the contents of the Code also allowed coloring pictures published in any forum or a Christian site, as well as the permitted use for any purpose ecclesio as long as the purpose of the service and not for sale, but please for the love of Christ do not place any stamps or names of sites, forums or churches or associations or bodies of service on the images, as well as their use is strictly prohibited any commercial use of printing and publishing, allowed only print, copy, and photographed, and distributed free of charge.

(+) Freely you have received freely give (+)

I also encourage the blessed servants who could enter on my blog that they will print photos and deliver it to the churches nearby, which may not be aware servants to the availability of such images on the Internet.

Please note that all pictures will be in the size and photographic paper A4 will be classified images Encyclopedia of Bible coloring to the two main categorizations:

The Old Testament:

And below the sub-categories are the books of the Bible, which received the story or its image, namely:

* Genesis
* Travel Chronicles
* Book of Daniel
* Exodus
* Book of Ezra
* Book of Hosea
* Leviticus
* Book of Nehemiah
* Joel
* Numbers
* Esther
* Amos
* Deuteronomy
* Book of Job
* Book of Obadiah
* Joshua
* Psalms
* Book of Jonah
* Travel of judges
* Book of Proverbs
* Book of Micah
* Ruth Travel
* Ecclesiastes
* Travel Nahum
* The first book of Samuel
* Song of songs
* Book of Habakkuk
* Books of Samuel
* Isaiah
* Zeph
* First Book of Kings
* Book of Jeremiah
* Book of Haggai
* Kings
* Book of Lamentations
* Travel Tobia
* Travel Yehudit
* Sequel Esther
* The Book of Wisdom
* Joshua Ben Serakhs
* Travel prophecy of Baruch
* Sequel Book of Daniel
* Travel I Maccabees
* Travel Maccabees II

The New Testament:

And below the sub-categories are:

* The life of Christ and the person (BC – Growing Up – Escape to Egypt – the experience on the Mount – Steel – Resurrection – Ascension … etc.)
* Such as the teachings of Christ
* Miracles of Christ
* Passion of the Christ (Holy Week)
* Acts of the Apostles (the beginning of the Gospel and the Gospel according to the Book of Acts)
* Revelation (as below in the Book of Revelation)

You can also use the search box right of the Home to find within the site on any topic you want.

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